Fees and accounts

Consultation fees

Dr Spittaler aims to provide all patients with a clear understanding of the fees charged by his practice.

  • For consultations at Dr Spittaler’s rooms there are standard fees.
  • Fees are payable at the time of consultation.
  • Payment on the day can be made using cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), cheque or EFTPOS.
  • If you bring your Medicare card, we can claim from Medicare for you on the day.

Please note that fees are reviewed periodically and are subject to change.

Dr Spittaler sees all private patients in his private rooms. Workers Compensation and Third Party patients are welcome, but prior approval from your insurer is necessary before making an appointment.

Surgical fees

The fee you will be charged for surgery is dependent upon the classification of your hospital admission.

Are you a private patient?

Anyone can elect to be a private patient. If you have valid health insurance, you may choose to use this and have your treatment at Lingard Hospital or Newcastle Private Hospital. Dr Spittaler charges fees in accordance with those recommended by the Australian Medical Association. You will have the opportunity to discuss the fees charged by Dr Spittaler prior to surgery, and you will also receive written confirmation of these fees prior to surgery.  You will be given an Informed Financial Consent to sign.


The Informed Financial Consent will need to be signed by the patient and returned to Dr Spittaler’s rooms prior to your surgery date. Dr Spittaler will not operate without and Informed Financial Consent. Please note, your rebate is an estimated amount you will need to refer to your private health insurer and Medicare.

Non-Insured Patients

If you do not have health insurance but still wish to be treated as a private patient, you are able to elect to be admitted to Lingard Hospital or Newcastle Private Hospital as a ‘Private Uninsured’ patient. As you do not have health insurance, the hospitals require you to cover the cost of your accommodation. These costs will be explained to you prior to surgery. Non-insured patients are required to pay 50% of their operation fees prior to surgery date and the balance at the post operative appointment.

Are you a WorkCover patient?

If you are covered by WorkCover or a Third Party insurer, the insurer will cover the costs for treatment as a private patient. Prior approval will be necessary in these circumstances.

Surgical accounts

An account will be sent out to you after your discharge from hospital with payment due at the time of your follow up appointment, usually six weeks after surgery. Detailed instructions will be included as to the best way to settle your account and also how to claim from Medicare and your private insurer (where relevant). Your follow up appointment is included in the fee.

We respectfully request that your account is settled in a timely fashion and that any out-of-pocket expense (or “gap” payment) is settled at the time of your follow-up appointment.

If you are covered by WorkCover or Third-Party, Dr Spittaler’s rooms will directly bill your insurer.